Here's what past clients say about the work we've done together


Mike is exceptional at what he does. He challenged me by asking the right questions to discover what was important to me when I was at a crossroads. Through my coaching I was able to achieve the clarity I was looking for, and felt we were really able to achieve results.  I would recommend working with Mike - the investment is definitely worthwhile.

Stan, London

Mike has been an incredible source of help and guidance during a questionable time. In a way, I didn't realise how much I needed Mike's help until I had it and following our sessions together I now have clarity for the road ahead. Coupled with this, Mike has given me confidence and the ability to think things through clearly and logically. His help has been invaluable and thanks to his warm, kind, caring nature I have very much enjoyed our sessions together.

Julie, UK

Mike has been an incredible guide at a time when I knew big decisions had to be made. He helped unpick my thoughts and anxieties about work, rewrite my personal story, draw out new life plans and goals, and start those creative projects I’d always wanted to do. A brilliant, kind and gentle listener with a clear understanding of a freelance (non-traditional career) relationship to work.

Mark, London

I worked with Mike to help me rethink my career. Mike was invaluable in helping me rediscover the things I’m passionate about, explore all my options and ultimately, this has given me a clear sense of direction and peace of mind. A year later, I’m still applying the skills and tools that Mike taught me to make my own career explorations.

Alex, London

Mike’s support helped me as I took over more global functions and responsibilities in my career. This was extremely helpful, and not only for my personal development - discussions about our industry and other professional issues where stimulating and triggered additional thoughts from totally different perspectives.

Benedikt, Berlin

Working with Mike was invaluable. He helped me to gain a better understanding of what constituted my real goals, both in life and work, and has given me practical tools and understanding so I continue to strive for them.

Mark, London

Working with Michael has been a rewarding and thought-provoking process that has paid dividends. His methods, which I would recommend to anyone considering coaching, have given me a deep sense of both personal well-being and professional progression.

Katherine, London

Mike was my coach for about a year and provided a mixture of career and life coaching, as well coach mentoring. I was lucky to have met Mike just when I was completing maternity leave and hoping looking to build a private coaching practice. He helped me set clear and achievable short-term goals which were closely linked to my long-term career goals. At the same time, he supported me in creating my new professional identity, which inherently came with some emotional challenges. All the while, he helped me create a healthy balance between being a coach, a mum, and finding time for me. Mike believed in me from the very beginning and was an unwavering supporter of my happiness and fulfilment. This was invaluable during my transitional journey. I hope to work with him again as my professional goals develop and would highly recommend him.

Sarah, London

Mike has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I came to him with a big ask and having felt confused for a long while. A few months on, he's helped me burst the cloud of confusion and find the direction in life I've been longing for for so long. I can definitely recommend him to anyone who, despite trying, isn't quite getting where they want or need to on their own.

Corinne, London

Mike helped me at a time of extreme change in my life - new baby, new house, new work arrangements... among other major events! The work we undertook together enabled me to process these changes and project forward in a tangible way. With his help I was able to face my uncertain future with the confidence of having a number of plans in place to accommodate every eventuality.

Ella, Oxford

Mike is a passionate and inspiring coach. He will challenge you and make you move a step further without you realising it. I remember our first session which was about going over my fear of driving. After two weeks I had booked my first refresher lesson in 20 years! His thorough follow-ups were also very valuable and of great support.

Marie, London

I thought very hard about coaching before starting my sessions and I am so glad I finally did it. It's been such a useful process and has given me a lot of tools, ideas and confidence to think seriously about next steps in my career. Working with Mike made the daunting prospect of a new career exciting and enjoyable. I think you need to give a lot of time and energy to benefit from the process and Mike is a truly great support - he's been so encouraging and I've been able to build a really trusting partnership with him. He has been great at keeping me accountable and on track which has been so important in making progress. Certainly one of the best things I've done towards making a change for the future. Thank you!

Alice, Singapore

I worked with Mike at a pivotal time in my career. If it hadn't been for Mike's support, challenge and encouragement I wouldn't have made the changes that I have. He challenged me to think bigger, but also gave me the space to find what was really important to me, from looking at long term visions to working out how my relationships fitted around my new business. The power of coaching never ceases to amaze me, and working with Mike was definitely powerful. In the end, I made the biggest, most conscious, and best planned change of my professional life, and I left each session with Mike feeling lighter, freer and more positive about my life and work.

Robbie, London

Mike was introduced to me when I transitioned into a new job role as MD. I was poor at managing my time effectively, and struggled with delegation. Through Mike's support, his considered questions and and his strategic way of thinking, we developed a more sustainable approach to working. It has been hugely helpful, and has helped me to broaden and hone my management skills. Now Mike and I are working together to tackle the next hurdle.

Jack, London

At a professional crossroads, Mike gave me a 360 perspective of all the choices that were open to me, and the impact of those choices on every area of my life. He enabled me to to improve my decision-making in the professional sphere of my work, which enables me to become a better artist. I began sessions with Mike as a sceptic, but leave as an evangelist - he’s become as crucial as any of my creative collaborators.

Phillip, UK

Mike is a reliable, professional coach. He practises a flexible approach to coaching: he coached me over the phone, handling this challenging dynamic very effectively. He is skilled at gently challenging as well as providing accountability. Both of these helped me to maintain momentum with my objectives. Mike worked with me holistically, enabling me to disentangle professional and personal goals and treating them both with equal respect.

Zoe, UK

Mike worked with me at a point I was struggling to commit between multiple and seemingly mutually exclusive opportunities. He helped me to build a model to assess relative merits of each opportunity and build a plan to tackle them effectively. Mike's particular strength as a coach is that he understands the entrepreneurial mindset. I always left our sessions energised and ready to tackle the next challenge head on.

Patrick, Abu Dhabi

Mike is an understanding, astute, analytic and un-judgemental presence. After our sessions I had a plan that brought my disparate professional selves fully together. Carrying out that plan in these last months has been fun. I am better able to predict my needs and most importantly I am kinder to myself.

Steph, London

Super coach, thank you for a noodle-frying, life-changing, rocket-shooting coaching engagement! I learned a lot about myself, the power of simplicity, of knowing just your next one step, the value of talking things through and importance of being clear about what's important to me. You ROCK the coaching arena.

Inga, London

Mike is a gentle, patient, inspiring, motivational coach with a huge, huge heart.

Anonymous client, UK